The “8ème Colloque Francophone sur les Sondages” is finished! You can find the program with the selected articles at this link, the videos of the plenary sessions at this link and the discussion about “The future of surveys with the emerging of Big Data” below:

The next session of the Colloque Francophone sur les Sondages will be held in Ottawa (Canada) in 2016.

The French Statistical Association/La Société Française de Statistique (SFdS) commits to  l’Institut de Mathématiques de Bourgogne the organisation of the 8th French Colloquium in Survey Sampling8e  Colloque Francophone sur les Sondages which will take place at the l’Université de Bourgogne, November   18-20, 2014.

It will gather researchers and practicians from private and public statistical institutes who design and use surveys in various fields such as political and social sciences,  marketing, health.

It follows the seven previous conferences on this topic organised by the SFdS since 1997. Following the suggestion of the association « Surveys, Models and Applications/Enquêtes, Modèles et Applications », the SFdS  organized the first conference on survey sampling at Rennes, on July 1997.  This scientific meeting was very successful and entailed the organisation of the other ones at  Bruxelles and Lille on 2000, followed by  Autrans (2002),  Québec (2005),  Marseille (2007), Tanger (2010) and finally, Rennes on 2012.

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