Social activities

Conference dinner will be held at the Cellier de Clairvaux on Wednesday, the 19th of November in the Dijon center.

Address : 27 boulevard de la Tremouille

Access  : Tramway T1  (Godrans)

Social activities will be held on Wednesday, the 19th of November in the afternoon. Visits are in French or English.

  • City walking Tour   “Dijon discovery”

The guide leads you into the heart of Historical Dijon, from the Palace of the Dukes and States-General of Burgundy to the Parliament district, via the area around Notre-Dame and through the medieval streets. This is a great opportunity to admire the rich and elegant town houses, bearing testimony to the town’s illustrious heritage

Duration : 16h-17h45

Meeting point : ”office de tourisme de Dijon”, 11 rue des Forges

  • City walking Tour  ”The Great Dukes of the Occident” 

In the Middle Ages, the Burgundian Dukes influenced the course of European history. There are many reminders of these colourful personalities to be found in Dijon. You will visit among other things the historical rooms of the Musée des Beaux Arts (Fine-Arts Museum) – Salle des Gardes (Guard Room), Tombs of the Dukes, etc.

Duration:  16h-17h45

Meeting point : ”office du tourisme de Dijon”, 11 rue des Forges

  • “La Côte de Nuits” 

The bus will take you through the famous vineyards from Dijon to Nuits Saint Georges. You will visit the Château Clos de Vougeot and have a comprehensive wine tasting.

Duration: 14h-18h

Meeting point : coming soon

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